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We save you time and give you peace of mind by helping you find the right insurance solution to suit your needs. Coastwise is, your insurance solution.

Coastwise Insurance Solutions

Same friendly faces with a new name and colour!

Incredibly helpful and personable. Could not recommend more highly! Quality humans!! Thank you team.

- Alexandra

Insurance Categories

Industry Specific

Industry Specific

Not all businesses are the same. So why choose a one-size-fits-all approach to business insurance?

Specialist Insurance

Specialist Insurance

Some industries and operators face very specific risks that some insurance just does not cover adequately.

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

We work with a diverse group of insurance providers to arrange the right insurance to suit you and your budget.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Our team of experts are here to tailor an insurance solution that suits your business, risk appetite and budget with secure providers.

Image of Trisha from Aviso Insurance speaking with a local mechanic in Coffs Harbour about their business Insurance

Finding the right insurance for you

Our team of specialists are here to do the hard yards and help you choose the right insurance solution to suit you, your business and your budget.

We know that no two businesses are alike and we can help you to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s all about getting to know you, understanding the risks you can afford to carry, and protecting you against those you can’t.

We offer a wide range of insurance products covering business, personal, and a range of industries and specialist areas.

We pride ourselves on the strong, long-term relationships we have with all major insurance companies and combined with our experience; we can help find a suitable outcome for you.

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Customised Programs

Customised insurance programs so you don’t pay for coverage that doesn’t apply to you.

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Expert Advice

The expert advice of experienced insurance brokers who understand business as well as insurance.

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Save you time

An explanation of the fine print. We want you to know what you are and aren’t covered for in the policy.

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In-house claims

An in-house claims manager meaning if you need to claim, they will guide you through what needs to be done.

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We can help with any matter relating to insurance, from choosing a policy to making a claim.

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Submit a claim

We know that for many, the true value of an insurance policy is only realised when it’s time to make a claim.

That’s why we endeavour to make the claims process as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

In all instances please note the following:

  • Never admit liability for a claim against you, even if you think you are at fault. To do so could result in the Insurer reducing or denying your claim.
  • Do not repair or replace damaged property without the Insurance Company’s consent, except for temporary emergency repairs.
  • You must, wherever possible, minimise further loss or damage and secure the premises. You may need to engage an overnight security guard to protect remaining or undamaged goods if the premises cannot be secured immediately.
  • Always retain damaged property for inspection if necessary.
  • Please report malicious damage, vandalism, theft or lost property to the police and obtain a police report or report number.
  • Motor vehicle accidents should be reported to the police if appropriate and in accordance with current regulations and in any event when one or more people have been injured.

If you would like to notify our office of a claim please fill in the form.

However, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can have one of our friendly qualified claims staff give you a hand and help take the stress out of the situation.

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