Burglary (Theft Cover)

You can’t take your stock or equipment home every night to keep it safe, so make sure your business is covered from theft, or attempted theft, when you’re not there to protect it.

How we can help

We can arrange a package to safeguard your business, which may include cover for the following:

  • Loss or damage as a result of theft or attempted theft
  • Theft of property while it’s on your business premises
  • Damage to property that arises out of the theft
  • The cost of temporary protection of your premises
  • Personal property of employees
  • Theft of external fixtures and fittings attached to the premises
  • Cost of replacing or modifying locks in the event of stolen keys
  • Cost of clerical labour and other charges incurred in replacing or restoring business books or records

Please note that this cover does not usually apply to cash losses, which can be covered separately under the money section of a Business Insurance policy.

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