Personal Accident & Illness Insurance

Accidents happen. But if you can’t work as usual due to accident or illness, the last thing you need to be worrying about is paying the bills. It makes sense to get all the cover in place now, so you can concentrate on recovery should you need to.

How we can help

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance covers you for lost income if you become sick or injured and can no longer work and earn an income. We’ll look at your individual circumstances and select the level of benefits to suit your income, which means you’ll only pay for the cover you need.

We can arrange:

  • Cover for up to 2 years for up to 85% of your income
  • Personal Accident and Illness cover or Personal Accident only cover
  • Protection against injury or illness

Cover may provide:

  • Loss of income protection
  • Return to work assistance (check PDS* for inclusions)
  • Transport to and from work
  • Protection in the event of accidental death as result of injury, partial or total disablement

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We can help with any matter relating to insurance, from choosing a policy to making a claim.

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